Patricia G. Spitaleri
I have always been intrigued by the forms of expressionism and experimenting with color.

When studying Still Life, and Landscapes, I did not feel a freedom in my painting. In studying Abstract painting I can express my love of life and the colors that surround me. In my brush strokes one can see movement, excitement, happiness, and sensualism that is expressed in my use of color formed by my brush strokes and my palette knife.  My paintings are not planned, they are spontaneous in movement. They are inspired from emotions, nature and the life that surrounds me. My hopes are that the viewers capture the freedom of form and movement in my works. In return, I hope they are intrigued and feel their own moment.

Born in New York, I started painting classes when I moved to Virginia. I was always interested in the creative arts. My interest continued and became stronger as I started to volunteer for the arts. Many of my friends are accomplished artists and through their encouragement and my enthusiasm, I founded South Street Art Gallery in Easton, MD. I also developed the Gallery Walk for the town of Easton. This is a lovely area on the Eastern Shore where we spend our summers. I have since sold the gallery, and I now am able to concentrate and develop my love of painting my Abstracts. I host paint workshops at my farm and continue to be very active in the arts. If you enjoy painting without the fear of painting, it becomes a part of your life. 

16 x 20